Apogee management platform™

Better machines, powered by you.

If you want a better way to manage your machine-to-machine network services, the Apogee IoT Platform is your answer. Its intuitive easy-to-use interface allows you to gain control over various elements of your business. With Apogee, you will get a personal client login and 24/7 access to important key functionality like provisioning, device management, reporting, billing and more.

Because Apogee is a cloud based application, you have the freedom to manage your services and devices from anywhere at any time. So whether you’re in the office or on the go, you can ensure your business is running efficiently. There’s no software to purchase, no long-term contracts to sign. Plus, the Apogee IoT Platform is carrier agnostic, so you get the best service based on your location.


Endless Network


Convenient Provisioning

The Apogee IoT platform boasts innovative features that you can add as you grow, allowing you to better manage network configurations, control VPNs and device settings such as IP addresses. You can also take advantage of custom fields in your connection profiles, making it even easier to manage your budget and data.

Provisioning can be complex as it involves many moving parts, but with the Apogee IoT Platform you can activate, deactivate, even suspend your devices as you need, cutting out recurring charges for inactive devices, while giving you more control over your budget and schedule.



Single pane of glass

From the intuitive Apogee user interface, purpose built for IoT applications, you can manage all your devices with the click of the mouse.  Receive information regarding your connected devices, manage trouble tickets, alert to service issues, provisioning new devices, suspending devices, creating prepaid services and much more.   Leverage the power of the Apogee Management Platform to connect all of your business subsystem  API's through the ZirrusWare ESB™.  Manage accounts, Inventory,  Billing Records, P&L, Sales Forecasting, Marketing Automation and many  other services across various business platforms to include Quickbooks, Salesforce.com, Desk.com and more.  Custom API development is available to connect your other business subsystems upon request.



If you like reports, you will love the Apogee IoT platform. You can get custom reports on virtually anything, from a global audit to individual session. Your usage reports can be based on connection, IP address, account or device. It’s simple, from better forecasting to better customer service, the Apogee IoT Platform can support all of your efforts and business needs.

MAC Screen

Monitor and Alerts

The Apogee IoT Platform also offers device level event-based alerts and monitoring features that can be configured to warn you of data usage limits, identify rogue device activity or abuse. You can get your alerts via text or email.


Private label

The Apogee IoT Platform can be white-labeled, allowing resellers and ASPs to offer the network management platform to their own customers. The extensive user and role administration features make managing multiple accounts simple.


World-class Support

For even simpler network management, The Apogee IoT Platform gives you access to professional technical support and customer service. With rapid identification, analysis and solution, there is less downtime for you, and if you’re a reseller or Service Provider, better customer service for your customers.