We enable our channel and agent community by providing best in class solutions and IoT connectivity. Please contact us to learn more about our turnkey solutions that can drive MRR, provide fault tolerance for internet connectivity, and provide insight on network health.

To minimize risk to our customers we utilize a prepaid model which charges customers for overage daily. Overage occurs when a customer exceeds their monthly allotment of data. If the customer does not have overage during the bill cycle they only pay for the monthly charge. In addition to the daily overage alerts, new real time data consumption alerts can be configured on our bundled hardware solutions.

Our Flagship product is DataPro2Go, is a cellular router solution that easily integrates into your existing customer’s network or is a perfect solution for new network builds. We use the service address to determine the two best cellular carriers for each unit. This versatile product can be configured for many network designs:

  • Users who only have an ISP modem/router but require a backup internet connection. Our router will allow for failover to our cellular connection providing internet availability when needed
  • Users who require primary internet access utilizing cellular connectivity. Examples would be kiosks, popup businesses, trade shows, or users who are pending wireline buildouts.
  • Users who already have failover capable routers and are in need of a secondary internet connection. Our device can be configured for passthrough (bridged) which hands off connectivity to the existing edge router.

In addition to providing connectivity, our DataPro2Go solution offers a cloud management portal enabling customers to have near real-time management and visibility of their devices. Group policies allow for easy configuration to one or many devices. View detailed reports and export for easy auditing of data consumption and metrics.