The Top Tech Writers to Follow in 2016

Technology has influenced the many facets of our everyday lives from our electricity-powered homes and sensor-permeated workplaces, to even our social network induced thoughts. Technological changes have continued advancing at an increasingly rapid pace which can make it difficult to stay on top of the latest breakthroughs and emerging trends.

Being tech enthusiasts ourselves, we understand the importance and passion that comes with keeping tabs on the latest news and developments in the industry. However, it can be difficult to cut through the noise and find the best, most credible news and information.

We’ve done the hard part for you and rounded up the top 50 tech writers to follow in 2016. The list below contains some of the most experienced and trusted tech writers from across the web. Having the best tech news and information at your fingertips is easier now than ever before.

Stacey Higginbotham

Stacey is no stranger to avid tech aficionados. With over twenty years of experience under her belt, her impressive repertoire is that of a technological metamorphosis. Her coverage has expanded from semiconductors to the Internet of Things. She is currently a senior editor at Fortune.

Article we love: The 6 Things CES Taught Us About The Internet of Things

Steve Lohr

Steve is a seasoned tech journalist with a Pulitzer Prize to boot. He is an incredible force in the industry, covering technology since the 1990s. His works have been featured in The New York Times Magazine, The Atlantic Monthly, and The Washington Monthly. He continues to write for The New York Time’s Bits.

Article we love: The Internet of Things and the Future of Farming

Adrian Bridgwater

Adrian is a reputable journalist with a career spanning over two decades. He is a contributor at Forbes. His articles provide great insights on emerging trends in software application & data management.

Article we love: The 7 Cs Of The Internet of Things

Nicole Kobie

Nicole is an independent digital and print journalist based in the UK. She brings a unique voice in covering stories on technology. She has been featured on PC Pro, Vice, WebUser, and The Guardian.

Article we love: What is the internet of things?

Gil Press

Gil is a contributor at Forbes. He covers subject matters relating to technology, entrepreneurs, and innovation. His passion for understanding and keeping up with technology has sparked important conversations in the tech industry.

Article we love: Internet of Things Predictions

Aaron Tilley

Based in San Francisco, Aaron is a technology correspondent for Forbes. He features the growing world of Internet-connected hardware and chip companies.

Article we love: Qualcomm: The Internet Of Things Is Already A Billion Dollar Business

John Greenough

John is a Senior Research Analyst for Business Insider. With a focus on the Internet of Things, he tackles the various means by which businesses, consumers, and government bodies connect their things to the digital world.

Article we love: How the ‘Internet of Things’ market will impact consumers, businesses, and governments in 2016 and beyond

Janakiram MSV

Janakiram is recognized as one of tech’s seasoned experts. His credibility is sourced from his lengthy years working in prominent technology companies. He contributes to Forbes on the topics of Cloud Computing, DevOps, and the Internet of Things.

Article we love: How Can MBaaS Players Get Ready for Internet of Things?

Jonathan Camhi

Jonathan is a Research Analyst for Business Insider Intelligence providing unique perspective on the Internet of Things. He was previously affiliated with Bank Systems & Technology as an associate editor.

Article we love: How different networking standards are competing to connect the Internet of Things

Andy Meek

Andy is an independent journalist based in Memphis. He covers the latest buzz on technology and music. His articles have been seen in Buzzfeed,, Business Insider, and The Guardian. He offers a fresh take on the budding stories in the tech and music industry.

Article we love: What role should the government play in developing the internet of things?

Duncan Jefferies

Duncan is a London-based freelance journalist with a decade long of experience covering the emerging technologies on the environment, public sector, and business. He is regularly featured on The Guardian, among other major news publications.

Article we love: How the internet of things could revolutionise council

Jim Hunter

As an accomplished visionary and entrepreneur, Jim has earned his rightful place as one of the tech industry’s leader on innovation. His stimulating take on today’s rising trend may be found at Techcrunch.

Article we love: What Will The Internet Of Things Be When It Grows Up?

Louis Columbus

Louis successfully juggles a variety of prominent roles in different tech segments. He is a Forbes contributor covering CRM, Cloud Computing, ERP, and Enterprise Software.

Article we love: Roundup Of Internet of Things Forecasts And Market

David Linthicum

David is one of the early mavens in the tech universe. Two decades and thirteen books after, he remains to be a reliable voice in the industry. He is acknowledged for having helped then emerging businesses thrive by maximizing the advantages of technology in business. He authors the Cloud Computing blog for InfoWorld.

Article we love: The cloud and the Internet of things are inseparable

Joe McKendrick

With an abundance of impeccable professional experience, Joe has a fearless approach in covering developing tech trends. He is a Forbes columnist keeping track of innovations in technology and the impacts it creates on markets and careers.

Article we love: ‘Googling Reality’: Internet Of Things Extends Business’ Ability To Sense And Respond

Sean Gallagher

Sean is a veteran tech correspondent with a focus on information technology. He is the IT editor at Ars Technica. He reports on cutting-edge trends in IT and how it influences people’s lives, businesses, and culture.

Article we love: The future is the Internet of Things - deal with it

Arik Hesseldahl

A tech correspondent since 1996, Arik is regarded as an established authority in the tech sector. He is currently a Senior Editor for Enterprise at Recode.

Article we love: More Than a Billion Enterprise Devices Are on the Internet of Things

Cade Metz

Cade is a chameleon of tech journalism covering a myriad of topics from Google to programming languages. He is an experienced staff writer at WIRED.

Article we love: Google Says the Internet of Things’ Smarts Will Save Energy

Nick Bilton

Nick is an award-winning technology columnist who has been influential to the business. He authors the Disruptions column on The New York Times.

Article we love: Some Predictions About the Internet of Things and Wearable Tech From Pew Research

Quentin Hardy

Quentin is a prized journalist with a credibility built on many years of high-level business reporting around the world. His written works provide powerful insights on critical stories relevant to technology. He is currently the Deputy Technology Editor of The New York Times.

Article we love: Looking Beyond the Internet of Things

Dana Blouin

Dana is a contributing author at CMS Wire, covering developing news on the Internet of Things. He is currently working on his Ph.D, for which he is conducting research in the areas of IoT, wireless sensor networks and ubiquitous networking.

Article we love: The IoT Is More Than a Buzzword- and Growing Bigger

Derrick Harris

Derrick has been covering tech news for more than 10 years. He has written numerous articles about cloud computing, big data, and emerging IT trends for Gigaom since 2009.

Article we love: Data privacy isn’t dean with the internet of things, just different

David Roe

David is a Paris-based journalist who contributes regularly to CMS Wire on topics of cloud computing, document management, & Information Management. He also serves as an independent content manager for software companies.

Article we love: HP Fuses Data Management Assets for Internet of Things Play

Jon Bruner

Jon is a data journalist who serves as the editor-at-large at O’Reilly Media. His curiosity towards subject matters that pique his interest are translated into writing and coding.

Article we love: Joe Biron on what’s new about the IoT

Klint Finley

Klint is a correspondent for Wired. Startups, emerging tech, and the Internet of Things are among the wide array of topics he covers. He hosts the podcast Mindful Cyborgs along with Chris Dancy and Sara M. Watson.

Article we love: The Internet of Anything: How to Build Mobile Apps for Your DIY Connected Gadgets

Marc Ambasna-Jones

Marc is an independent journalist who frequently pens about the Internet of Things, robotics, education, and sustainability among other topics. A number of his works has been featured in The Guardian.

Article we love: Eight questions you should be asking about the internet of things

Alex Scroxton

Alex features articles on networking, telecoms and mobile news, and analysis as the Networking Editor at Computer Weekly. He has had 7 years of experience at MicroScope before joining Computer Weekly in 2014.

Article we love: Top 10 internet of things stories of 2015

Patrick Thibodeau

Patrick is a Senior Editor for Computerworld where he writes about cloud computing and enterprise applications, outsourcing, government IT policies, data centers and IT workforce issues.

Article we love: Internet of Things brings new era of weather forecasting

Stephen Lawson

Stephen is a Senior U.S. Correspondent at IDG News Service, based in San Francisco. His written repertoire include topics on mobile, storage, and networking technologies.

Article we love: CES brings the first big crop of all AllJoyn IoT products

Nicholas D. Evans

With a prolific career spanning more than 25 years, Nick now serves as the Vice President and General Manager within the Office of the CTO at Unisys. As a recognized IT leader focusing on innovation management, digital transformation, and disruptive technologies – including IoT – he is a renowned author and speaker, and regularly contributes articles to Computerworld.

Article we love: 3 'Internet of Things' lessons learned from triathlete training gear

Michael Kaufman

Michael is a seasoned Architect with 15 years of experience. He combines his passion for the craft with his strong interest in new and emerging technologies. He has written numerous articles about developing tech trends.

Article we love: 2016 Predictions for the Internet of Things

Thor Olavsrud

Thor is a New York-based Senior Writer for CIO, covering IT security, big data, open source technology, Microsoft tools and servers. His articles also appear on IDG Enterprise.

Article we love: Top 10 Internet of Things stories of 2015

Chuck Martin

Chuck authors the daily Connected Thinking and MobileShopTalk columns for MediaPost, where he also serves as the editor of the IoT Daily. He was named a NY Times Business bestselling author for his published works “Mobile Influence” and “The Third Screen”. His new book “The Internet of Everything” is currently in the works.

Article we love: The On-Off Switches Of The Internet Of Things

Kevin Fitchard

Kevin is a Senior Writer for Gigaom specializing on mobile broadband, carriers and wireless technologies. His coverage on wireless networks date back to his stint in Telephony Magazine in 2000.

Article we love: The internet of things goes extraterrestrial

Colin Barker

Colin is a seasoned computer journalists with 30 eventful years in the business. He started his career the same year the IBM PC was launched. Highlights of his prolific career include editorial stints in Computing magazine, DEC Computing, and Byte magazine.

Article we love: Six billion connected devices by next year: the Internet of Things takes shape

Colin Neagle

Colin is the Assistant Community Editor at CIO. He produces articles and blog posts on emerging technologies and manages blogs for Network World.

Article we love: How the Internet of Things is transforming law enforcement

Luke Dormehl

Luke is a UK-based independent journalist who writes about technology and cinema. His works have been featured in The Guardian, Fast Company, The London Times, Wired, Politico, Huffington Post, Empire, SFX.

Article we love: The IOT is COMING: Be Prepared For AWESOMENESS Everywhere

Jon Swartz

Jon is a Silicon Valley-based tech correspondent for USA Today.

Article we love: Samsung CEO sees big things for Internet of Things

Alex Hern

Alex is a technology writer for the Guardian. Article we love: Cisco invests in UK internet of things startup Evrythng.

Article we love: Cisco invests in UK internet of things startup Evrythng

Meta S. Brown

Meta is a regular tech contributor for Forbes. She is a recognized expert in text analytics and data mining. She is the author of Data Mining for Dummies.

Article we love: How Internet of Things Technology Is Keeping Kids Safer

Rachel Metz

Rachel is the senior editor for mobile at MIT Technology Review. She has covered stories on mobile apps, wearables and the Internet of Things.

Article we love: Voice Recognition for the Internet of Things

Steve Max Patterson

Steve writes about the current trends in software development platfroms, mobile IoT, wearables and next generation television. He has 20 years of experience covering or working in the early stages of tech startups.

Article we love: Google details its vision for the IoT

Matt Hamblen

Matt is a Senior Editor, covering news on mobile and wireless, smartphones and other handhelds, and wireless networking for Computerworld.

Article we love: Wi-Fi for the Internet of Things gets a name: ‘Wi-Fi HaLow’

James Niccolai

James is a San Francisco-based Deputy News Editor who specializes in topics relating to data centers and general technology for the IDG News Service.

Article we love: All Samsung smart TVs will be ‘IoT-ready’ in 2016

Ron Miller

Ron has been an independent technology correspondent since 1998. He is currently the enterprise reporter for TechCrunch. Aside from this, he also serves as the Contributing Editor at EContent Magazine.

Article we love: Salesforce Announces New Internet of Things Cloud, As Dreamforce Opens

Charlotte Jee

Charlotte is Techworld editor, a post she took up in November 2015. She previously covered government and public sector for ComputerworldUK, CIO UK and Techworld in April 2014.

Article we love: Internet of Things will be ‘game changing’ for payments, says Visa director

Theo Priestley

Theo is a contributor at Forbes. He follows and writes about enterprise technology, startups and disruptive trends. He is a tech expert veteran with 20 years of experience having served as the Chief Technology Evangelist at Software AG.

Article we love: The 3 Elements The Internet Of Things Needs To Fulfil Real Value

Chris Neiger

Chris is a writer for The Motley Fool, covering Tech and Telecom companies since 2012.

Article we love: How The Internet of Things WIll Change Your Life

Jacob Kastrenakes

Jacob is a Brooklyn-based editor for The Verge. His written works have been featured in Yahoo and Re/code.

Article we love: Microsoft shows how the Internet of Things can actually be interesting