We offer you more, so you can deliver more. Become a Data2Go certified reseller today.

As a certified reseller, now you can offer your clients manageable and reliable machine-to-machine (M2M) solutions without having to sacrifice quality for affordability. With Data2Go Wireless, you can expect flexible pricing plans for nationwide Tier 1 CDMA and GSM networks, helping you to offer more to your customers and differentiate you from the pack. You can count on great profit margins for your business, an easy-to-use agent portal to manage all of your accounts as well as full support from industry veterans.

  • Multiple Tier 1 wireless carriers offering 2G, 3G and 4G LTE Networks
  • Flexible, affordable and highly customizable pricing plans
  • Attractive commission plans
  • Customer-friendly web portal for devices and services management
  • First-class system for targeting multiple locations

No infrastructure, no problem. See how we can make you an MVNO Partner today.

If you want to become a mobile virtual network operator, Data2Go Wireless has a program for you. Don’t worry, our program is available for a nominal, upfront cost plus attractive wholesale rates so you can launch your business successfully right from the start. Plus, we believe speed to market is crucial, so we give you the option of using our Apogee platform or integrating to your own through our APIs.

At Data2Go Wireless we recognize that the M2M market is not a “One Size Fits All” equation. We are willing to work with our Agent and MVNO Partners to provide a flexible offering that will become a revenue-generating engine for your organization.